What Have Been Sewn So Far

Haven’t been posting any of my DIY project since almost a year I guess. So, I really don’t know where to start. But here’s what I’ve made so far.

I’m still using my 2010 bought Sewing Machine, Yamata.

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Tampak samping. #squaretop #sewingambition

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Weekend DIY Project 2014 part 1

So I went to youtube and search for sewing tutorial since I needed something clearer than just an image showing how to sew some clothing.
And then I found GiannyL’s channel, she really brought all the steps into a very easy to do way of making your own apparel.

So here’s what I did just now, and let me call this as my new Lemon and Lace Shorts.
Just take your shorts and trace the lining on your chosen fabrics, cut it, add some ribbons or laces and sew it, make your own fancy shorts!

Another weekend #DIY project.

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An Extraordinary Christmas!

Well, not just this year, christmas has always been wonderful to me and I guess everyone would feel the same way as I do!
But what makes this year different was our #diy christmas tree.
On that night, Dec 23, my mom was a bit desperate asking me and my sissy to put something to our very plain wall at home, though before, she has done decorating some of the rooms there, still, she felt unsatisfied!
So, the items left were just the old wooden christmas toys which some have lost their parts, the santa loses his eyes, the reindeer loses its hand, and mostly were incomplete. But then my sister told me to do some #pinsearch on #pinterest for a wall christmas tree. And so we came up with the idea of making a wall christmas tree filled with the toys we have.
Using gluetacks, it took a lot of extra patiences to stick it one by one with a help of a long rope that was formed into a big triangle to make sure each of them was placed in the right position. And we finally finished with the tree at midnight.




Weekend DIY Project Part II

So here’s my weekend which is about to be over by now..
Took one of my elastic fabric and cut it into pieces to (based on plan) make a tshirt necklace, but I kinda lost my mood, so I didn’t finish what I was doing πŸ˜€
Plan changed into refashion-ing my old stripes tank top into a pencil skirt, for this one, I nailed it..



Meanwhile, here’s my sister with a horse on a beach at Bali