Weekend DIY Projects

Today I did some refashion to my grey long sleeves collection.
The first one was a shirt I got from my aunt that has quite an unsatisfying line and needed to be sewn straight to make a fine seam.
But then I came up with the ideas to attach fancy elbow patches into it, so here it goes!
Well, I’m a girl who will do same things over and over again whenever I think it’s interesting and fun! So I took another attire, which was my old sweater I used to wear and luckily I got some red leather fabric that my sister has left on my container and ended up attaching those bright red spots using a glue gun until it looks, well, schick!





A July Thing

These are a few things I got from my life in July 🙂ImageYeap, a very bright day, finally.. Imagesome decoration for photo-shootImageA very fancy yet sweet apps called Rhonna Design..

I guess I might have found a lot more until August comes…